Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Red-light for rev-heads

The V8 racing in Auckland has been denied resource consent. As an inner-west Auckland resident, I think this is good. The race would undoubtedly have made a lot of money for the organisers, and for the hotel and hospo industry in Auckland.

I can't quite see how the rest of us would benefit, though, and I think the idea of the council part funding the race was a cashflow in the wrong direction - if they were going to pay all Auckland city residents $500 to take a weekend in the country, or even give us free tickets, I might have been a bit keener. Or maybe Holden and Ford could sling us some money - after all the V8 race is brilliant marketing (in the UK Vauxhall cars (i.e. Holdens) are among the least sought after transportation - most of their production goes to companies who are too tight to give their sales reps BMWs).

There must be lots of places around Auckland they could hold a motor race without as much disruption as the CBD.

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