Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Footballing members

The Guardian reports that "the typical MP is a football obsessive with a liking for middle of the road rock music and little interest in political ideology".

I feel this is what they feel will go down well with the electorate. The typical MP is actually a political geek with zero interest in sport, a liking for Billy Bragg (Labour) or the Spice Girls (Tory) and an obsessive interest in political gossip, if not ideology.

The have however been forced to memorise by rote the history of the local football team and to appear in the director's suite for all important matches. They also need to develop a taste for Coldplay.

(NZ MPs seem to be more honest about this - its pretty obvious that neither Don or Helen have the slightest interest in Rugby - at least Helen is genuinely into her skiing).

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