Friday, May 06, 2005

Some small consolation

Tony Blair now has an overall majority - Labour are predicted to windup with a 60 seat majority.

The left-wing MP George Galloway, who was chucked out of Labour for allegedly cosying up to Saddam, has won Bethnal Green & Bow for the Respect party. I used to live in Bethnal Green (Shoreditch really - but it was in E2) but moved back to the country before I left the UK.

The Libs are headed for around 60 seats - consolidation, but I really think it's time they found a more charismatic leader. Paddy Ashdown was brilliant - unfortunately Chuckie seems to have been a bit of a retrograde step. Perhaps Ken Clarke could be persuaded to swap parties? Or a high profile figure from outside politics - like a musician or TV personality?

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