Thursday, July 21, 2005

Gee! Mail!

I just signed up for a gmail account - to use for blog communication and so forth. Gmail is wierd - it's been on beta now for over a year - they must have ironed the technical bugs out.

But you have to jump through a small hoop to get an account - there's no "sign up here" page - instead, you need to go to something like and get an invite. Apparently, they used to be sought after and sold - now, people just donate unwanted invites to a pool.

Why is this? Possibly Google lose money on each account - 2G of disk space costs a few dollars a year to maintain and if gmail accounts are mostly secondary emails, then ad traffic might not be enough to cover this.


noizy said...

Why is this?

It's more likely to make it harder for the service to get used by spammers. Google have a paper-trail of who created accounts, and how they got them.

Other systems like hotmail and yahoo offer no such checks, and are thus open to abuse.

Dodderyoldfart said...

I have a zillion if anyone wants one

Rich said...

They know me as an IP address and nothing more. I could have signed up from an Auckland internet cafe and been totally anonymous.

Richard said...

Might be psychological manipulation, to make people think the free service is more 'valuable' somehow. (It is a great service though.)