Thursday, November 17, 2005


Five internet entities that are less real than A J Chesswas:
1. Craig Ranapia
Maori National supporter I can believe, gay National supporter I can just about believe, but gay Maori National supporter?
2. The women variously featured on David Farrar's blog.
3. Ms Vilefile
Has to be a bloke.. All apparently desirable chicks on the Net are.
4. The about-towners.
They sound like socialists but they hold office in the Labour party?
5. Rich
The product of a buggy experimental auto-comment generator seeded with a database of new Zealand media.


David Farrar said...

Heh when Craig first turned up to a Young Nats meeting I thought he was an Alliance plant as the probability of a gay Maori being the most right wing person I had met, was so far fetched :-)

span said...
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span said...

i can neither confirm nor deny ;-)

Jordan said...

I've met Craig and all the About Town crew...