Monday, November 06, 2006

Just *why* am I buying a new stadium?

Apparently the government is minded to build a $700 million new stadium on a waterfront site in Auckland. Plus $150mln for land and relocation costs (and that seems quite cheap, assuming the port will have to relocate to Tauranga). If this doesn't work, then the bargain alternative is to spend $350mln improving Eden Park.

I don't really care where they build it. If they did build on the waterfront, then I'll lose what remains of my view from work (below) and won't be able to walk to the rugby/cricket any more. But I'll probably have moved house and job by then.

I just don't see why the taxpayer needs to fork out for this. If the hospitality/rugby industry feels it essential, why don't they raise the money themselves? I have better things to spend $400 (waterfront) or $160 (Eden Park) than to build a stadium for a match I'll almost certainly not get tickets for.


Paul said...

Let's commit electoral suicide again (like we did last summer). The project will not be finished on time and it will be millions over budget. The public will blame the government for ruining the rugby.

Meanwhile, people like me who do not want our taxes being squandered on already over-sponsored sporting events ($30 Million for the America's Cup was it not? And whose name is on the boat? Emirates) will be thinking about voting Green.

Genius said...

I agree we shouldn't be throwing our money at sports that I dont plan on buying tickets to watch... and yet I still find myself vaguely in favour of the stadium.. maybe the cost of it just doesn't seem real some how.

Also - I wonder how much we could gain from turning eden park into houses.
1) making the surounding houses more valuable
2) profits to the eden trust board (who knows where they would go but still worth counting)
3) etc...