Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kiwiburn '07

Last weekend I participated in Kiwiburn '07.

Thanks jack for the photo!

Things you don't get at Kiwiburn (unlike standard festivals):
1. Idiot drunken high skool kids
2. Lines to get in and have your car/body frisked
3. VIP areas
4. The annoying "band of the summer" that plays at every festival
5. Sleep

Things you definitely get at Kiwiburn:
1. Unbelievably cool friendly people
2. Your own spanking paddle
3. Theme camps with people giving out Absinthe shots
4. Me cranking out the bangin choon's - with fire poi dancers keeping up at 140bpm
5. Me playing trancy stuff with a guy toasting along (thank you Reno!)
6. Swimming in the lake
7. Burning the man
8. Tearing down the temple and throwing it on the flames
9. Shininess
10. Sheep

I'm so going next year - I want to have a floating theme camp on the lake. If I can possibly manage it, I'm going to Nevada in August as well!


Hana said...

OMG! a floating theme that would be fuckin awseome!

kiwi said...

i'm so pumped right now and reading this just gives me reasen to ask a few more questions of the council and who ever and see what we need to do to have floating platforms etc....
so stay tuned and keep an eye on the web site, when we clean it up a bit after the party........

xhile said...

floaty camp sounds cool.

Think carefully about health and safety. Eg compulsory lifejackets, and maybe not allowing people to be drunk/high on board.

But yeah, great idea.

Maybe bring your own sexy lifeguard/lifeguardesses?

oooh, now THERE's a thought.

Joel said...

Floating things float my boat.


Dr Windy said...

I am investigating the possibility of floating things from an Anal Safety perspective..

(oh, that sounded bad didn't it?)

You know what I mean. It's my job to see what we need to do to make these things possible. Watch this space. Or Tribe. Or my blog. Or something.

(psst! kiwiburn is getting its own discussion forum. yeah. watch -that- space)

Dr Windy