Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Straight back to school

Have the Herald's new outsourced subs started work?

Straight (adj): Not crooked or bent; having a constant direction throughout its length.

Strait (n): A narrow channel of water


Lewis said...

That is so stupid. And the mistake is repeated.

Paul said...

Perhaps Cook Straight could be a conservative equivalent of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, in which limp-wristed homosexualists are taught to make good, honest, manly meals by chefs from the Marines.

Just an idea. Run with it if you want.

Rich said...

I though "Lesbian Eye For The Stuck Up Bitch" was a better series title.

In which lesbian chicks get wimpy girly girls to get over themselves. And, optionally, make out later (in the R18 version).

Jake said...

´Christian Eye for the Muslim Guy´for the win.

But now that everyone is sick to death of sudoku, we can play ´spot the glaring error´in our daily paper.