Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Brits read on..

We won the test match and lead South Africa 2:1 in the series.

Having got your attention, may I suggest reading Charles Kennedy's speech . A UK election is anticipated this year - while I don't hold out too much hope, it is vaguely possible that the Lib Dems may get enough seats to overturn Blair's majority. (No UK government has had a majority of the popular vote for many years, but FPP generally leads to large majorities regardless).

If you happen to be a UK expat, and haven't registered as an overseas voter, you can do so by sending a form to the local council where you last lived in the UK (see the Electoral Commission FAQ) for details, you can look your council up here. You need to get a fellow Brit to countersign the form.

If of course you support Blair, you need do nothing - your vote will be automatically registered (joke!).

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Greg Stephens said...

According to my sources (and I actually do have sources within the British Labour Party) the election is likely to be called after successful Iraq elections (if they are successful...)