Monday, January 17, 2005

Harry: "You wouldn't wanna shag my nana, wouldya"

That noted journal of record, the (London) News Of The World reports that "Prince" Harry has been making off-colour jokes again. To quote the vile remark:
"But it's a bit like being offered sex with the Queen—while one would be honoured, who would want to do it."
(Translation above)

Apparently the lad's behaviour has got to his Dad, who has "grounded" him from visiting his girlfriend (presumably some sort of Eva Braun figure) in Zimbabwe. Strikes me that if, as Johann Hari believes he has an independent fortune (left to him by Diana) things might be headed for a big breakup. Fortunately for the royals William seems to be resisting the temptations of a life of chicks, coke and Nazi uniforms, at least for the moment.

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