Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Holmes ratings

The Herald has the first ratings for Holmes new show on Prime. Homer Simpson did better - as I've mentioned before, the Simpsons offers more incisive political comment at 7pm than any of our "news" programmes are likely to..

The trouble with Holmes is that he is, undoubtedly, an excellent drawcard for the "old and cranky" segment of the population. Appealing to this group has a number of commercial drawbacks for Prime:
  • They'll be dead soon - a media outlet that targets oldies has to continually renew its audience
  • They're less attractive to advertisers who want to do long-term brand building
  • They watch a lot of telly - so advertisers have a lot of choice on how to reach them, and reruns of "the young and the restless" are a lot cheaper than primetime news
  • They don't spend as much or as frivolously as the youth
  • Many of them don't have UHF - those that do may well not have the tendency to watch "new" channels

I suppose Prime's motivation is that a "full service" TV station needs to get people watching at the start of the evening with a current affairs programme, in the expectation that they will stay with the channel. Given that, it's cheaper to pay Holmes to do a personality-driven show than to spend big dollars on news gathering.

Incidentally, regarding the "tree story" isn't it technically criminal damage to dig up someone elses land and plant a tree on it? And aren't broadcasters meant to refrain from instigating illegal activity?

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Greg Stephens said...

I can't even get Prime where I live, and I'm 15 minutes from the CBD (although this is more of a problem with Wellington than Prime).
And Prime is not full service - they have Fox News at night (ohh how i want to watch that)