Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Military problems

The Chief of the Defence Staff is in a bit of bother over writing letters trying to dissuade employees from giving evidence in an employment case.

It's interesting that there has been no comment on many NZ blogs - I guess the right don't want to criticise a military officer, and the left don't want to criticise a senior government employee.

Or is that too cynical..


sagenz said...

Hadn't seen it. If the reporting is correct then I would expect the officers involved to stand down. My question for you is where is your commenting on reports about all the corruption and overspending from your beloved helengrad. Double standards anyone

Greg Stephens said...

I don't think that is quite far SageNZ. People blog on what they care about, obviously few people car on that issue, and for most people there is not overspending by the government, there is underspending.
Although I have to agree complaining about the lack of blogging on a topic when oneself could do it is a bit odd

Rich said...

Not complaining, just commenting..

I do think there is something odd going on in the MOD when:
- their most senior officer gets involved in an individual HR issue
- letters get written which any reasonable lawyer or even HR person would advise against

David Farrar said...

I thought about blogging it but didn't think there was much comment to be added.

Don't know why anyone would think I wouldn't criticise a military officer, consiering how much I criticise other institutions.