Friday, June 17, 2005

Health and power

I watched some of John Campbells pieces on power lines and cancer over the last couple of days. Not too much of them, as I find the attitude of those who don't know the difference between ionising radiation and electromagnetic fields, but are sure that they both cause cancer, rather irritating.

I will make the point however, that while power lines *might* have a rare health impact, not having electricity to warm our homes and refrigerate our food *will* have a real and immediate health impact!


Sock Thief said...

I found the TV3 items very disappointing. Fair enough of them to give voice to the genuine concerns of the communities invloved but it took until the last programme for them to actually talk to someone who knows anything about the science involved. That they did not talk tom someone with a knowledge of epidemiology was a major failing.

It would have been very helpful to explain how correlationd do not necssarily imply casue & effect.

Issues such as this and vaccinations are quiet complicated adn desrve a bit more thought frmo the media.

Ms Vile File said...

Silly Rich, having such unrealistic expectations of balanced and truthful journalism.

One can't possibly have dull truth ruining a perfectly good story now, can we?

Doug Fraser said...

I agree, Rich. It's very frustrating to be a rational, scientific person watching TV these days. There are a lot of programs now (such as "Ghost Hunt", "Medium", Jeanette Wilson's "Dare to Believe" and others) which reject rationality in favour of concentrated bullshit.

These shows are not so much "professionally produced" as they are "shat onto my TV screen".

As you've noted, even the news and "reputable" current affairs shows are affected. I've noticed that the stupid ignorant bitch reporter Melanie Reid seems to be behind a lot of the pseudo-scientific and anti-scientific reporting on TV3. If she's not wailing about power lines, she's talking to ghosts or doing something equally stupid.


Transport Owner said...

Poor Doug Fraser, he seems abit threatened by things he knows little about. Sometimes the things we fear the most are what can benfit our lives the most.

Anonymous said...

I heard Mel Reids mum is sick and Jeanette is "healing" her... could explain a few things...