Monday, June 27, 2005

Reactions to restriction

A few things I've noticed recently:

- Auckland City Council is consulting on plans to limit bar opening hours to 3am (rather than 24hr in many cases as at present).

- Some Italians, annoyed by a smoking ban in restuarants, are organizing "private trattorias" in rented villas, outside the normal regulatory system.

- A kid got badly beaten up after a private after-ball party in a Grey Lynn warehouse.

What's the connection? It seems to me that if restrictions are increased on "legitimate" bars and clubs, then people are going to party in venues outside the licensing system. This went on extensively in the USA of the 1920s (speakeasys) and more recently in South African townships (shebeens). Of course, illegal venues are not going to be sensible and controlled like legal ones.

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