Sunday, September 04, 2005

New poll just in

The following exclusive Observationz poll rather paints a different picture of the election to those "scientific" polls in the mainstream media.

Destiny NZ 2.1%
Act 34.0%
National 14.9%
Libz 4.3%
NZ First 2.1%
United Future 6.4%
Labour 14.9%
Progs 2.1%
Alliance 8.5%
CWG 4.3%
Greens 6.4%

On this basis, I expect that ACT will be able to lead a government with the support of National - which I'm sure Don will give to the victorious Rodney - he will probably get Treasurer, or maybe Deputy PM. A few more votes could see the Libertarianz joining in though.

[Sample details: the sample of 47 was taken from Span's analysis here and is based on a self-selecting sample of those who have bothered to create a blog and declare their preference - but hey - in the words of Susan Wood it "Makes you wonder".]

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