Thursday, September 22, 2005

New model

Chanel have fired Kate Moss from her modelling contract as a result of her predeliction for Bolivian Marching Powder.

Finding a replacement free from such unsavoury habits has not been easy - however they have finally found their new "face" and Observationz is able to bring you an exclusive photo:

UPDATE: it seems hard to get a consistent nun image - the one I had went unobtainable.


Richy_Rich said...

Hmm, so on July 27 'La Moss' collects 'substantial' libel damages from the Sunday Mirror for them publishing a story alleging that she fell into a coma after a coke binge.

And then on the 13th of September apropos of absolutely nothing the Daily Mirror runs with this front page.

Rich said...

I heard they were going to expose Keith Richards as a smackhead next.

Joe Hendren said...

Wouldn't that be just replacing one habit for another :)

*JH ducks for inevitable reaction to bad pun*