Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bah Humbug

Only three sleeps to Xmas!

I'm just so over the whole thing already. It's going to rain solidly until the 9th January, when it will become scorchio for the rest of the month.

In fact, I question whether we need public holidays at all. New Zealanders get 15 days mandatory holiday a year (rising to 20 at some vanishingly distant point in the future) and unlike other countries, that's all most people get. In addition, we get ten days of public holidays - so we get 15 days of our own choice and 10 at the same time as everyone else.

Also, most employers *make* their employees take 3-6 days over Christmas and New Years - reducing freely chosen holidays to 9 days - not long enough for a fortnight's break.

Why not just make it 25 (rising to 30) days of the employee's choice with compulsory leave banned? Then I could choose to work through till January, then take some holiday when it's all quietened down - or just take a 3 day weekend overy other week.

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Joe Hendren said...

Its worth noting that none of the current holiday provisions were given freely from employers kind little hearts - all were legislated for at some point by the Government.

IMHO employers should only be able to direct employees to take holidays on certain days if they are prepared to provide additional holidays on days that are the employees choosing.