Friday, December 02, 2005

Up the

I drive past this apartment block in Auckland on my way to work.

It's called Cittá - this is the Italian word for city, only with the accent the wrong way round, it should be Città.

While they were changing the accents to help the graphic design, I wonder if they considered using a French-style cedilla accent, as in: Çitta. That would be pronounced - Shitter.


Aucklander At Large said...

I love the "Plenty of Parking" note at the end. That is so fucking Auckland - there should be limits on how much parking Central City apartments have, not enough for a four-car/SUV family.

Rich said...

I'd suggest that people only contribute to congestion and pollution when they *use* their cars - and that city dwellers will probably keep the car in the garage much of the time. Wheres a Dannemora family could have four cars and (have to) drive all of them 50km each day to get to work school.

Given our lack of a usable intercity rail network, I'd suggest expecting people to live without a car is a bit of a big ask.

Aucklander At Large said...

Isn't living without a car the whole idea of inner-city living? That would have been my interpretation anyway.

Rich said...

If you never leave the inner city..

MavXP said...

Having a decent rail system is essential to living without a car in the city. I've recently moved to London from Auckland, and dont miss a car -in fact I'm glad to be free of the damned thing. Its great walking places here, you can tube or bus anywhere in the city, and there are trains to every major place in the country, as well as France of course via the chunnel, in addition to 3 international airports. Who needs a car?