Friday, March 03, 2006

Protection-free poms

Interesting story in the Guardian. Apparently almost no CDs released in the UK have copy protection. The UK record company branches don't believe it works.

An unspoken reason might also be that a pirated CD with the copy protection removed (or a memory stick full of MP3s) is *more* useful than a pukka copy-protected disk. Which might tip the balance for your average record buying kid between buying a CD or copying the choons from a mate.

Anyway, for New Zealanders, it might be useful to note that list the Arctic Monkeys at GBP8.99 (=NZD23.65) against RealGroovy at NZD34.95. And it'd be less likely to try and *monkey* with your computer. (Groan!)


Jarvis Pink said...

Although I download most of my music these days via I do still regularly buy CDs.

Copy protection aside, I've found that Amazon are invariably cheaper than Real Groovy, even factoring in the delivery costs.

Jarvis Pink said...

Actually, having re-read my comment, 'invariably' should read 'often'. Always worth a look though.