Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter bunny

Christ Easter is boring here! England used to make the pubs close at 1030 on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, which was bad enough, but at least they opened.

I don't quite get the labour protection argument. Lots of workers, from the duty shift at Huntly to Mick Jagger, and including the Department of Labour's own inspectors, have to work Easter.

I argued elsewhere that all public holidays should be replaced with an increased annual leave entitlement, giving workers the right to holidays of choice rather than on days ordained by the church. If this is impossible, and the government reckons a relaxation on Easter opening wouldn't pass the Christian element in parliament, then there is another option, which could be implemented without legislation: Give the DoL inspectors Chocolate Egg Day and Hot Cross Bun day off.


pink panda said...

i hate it how at easter you cant buy booze. it annoys me greatly.

Rich said...

Yeah, and why should gas station workers not get the day off when bottle shop workers do.

pink panda said...

it's just giving with one hand and taking away with the other. why give days off to the masses, and then make it so they cant drink on them?