Monday, April 09, 2007

Having fun

Seen on a poster in Sydney (for a different party):
Jesus had a shit time at Easter. You don't have to!

So I escaped the Auckland holiday shutdown and had fun at a hidden location in the Australian bush - 10km from anywhere (and anywhere wasn't very much of a place) up a dirt track, which left my rental car a bit grubby..

That's the entrance gate thingy above. Neat eh! The organisers did a great job of decorating the place. They had a geodesic dome as a DJ booth (which apparently lives in Canberra and is available for hire).

Musicwise, it was psy-trance all the way. Excellent sets from all the DJs and a good reaction despite the intermittent drizzle. Naked Tourist played an excellent three hour set. I'm left inspired to adds a bit more psy- to my own collection..

Great party! Wish we had more of those sort of events in NZ - apparently they have an outside doof nearly every weekend right through the year, including midwinter day parties.

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tatjna said...

On psytrance love:

One of us.... one of ussss......

(glad you enjoyed it)