Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Posh & Mental

I refer of course to the former royal couple, Kate & Wills.

This article talks about how Kate wasn't posh enough for the B.R.F.1

She went to Marlborough FFS! That's posh enough for most people. The thing is the B.R.F. aren't just posh - they have taken it to whole new levels. Use of archaic English is a marker - apparently the use of words like "toilet" and "pardon" mark you down as common (I'm not sure how "shithouse" and "you what mate?" fit on this scale?). I personally would see this as indicative of a psychiatric disorder..

1. British Royal Family

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Paul said...

The Royal Family call themselves The Firm.

It's a tribal thing. Using the right words and pronouncing them correctly (Maul-bur-uh) distinguishes those born into the tribe from those trying to get into it.

Even after years in the Antipodes, I cannot bring myself to use the word toilet.