Thursday, December 16, 2004

Blunkett gone

UK Home Secretary David Blunkett has resigned.

His then partner, a right-wing magazine publisher, wanted to take her nanny on various foreign trips and needed UK residence expediting. Faced with the Kafkaesque security apparatus he had created, Blunkett took a shortcut and had his office email various immigration functionaries to speed things along.

Unfortunately, there is a limitless pile of hard-right "New Labour" clones to take his place. The similarly bearded Charles Clarke has been appointed Home Secretary.

It interests me how people like Blunkett wind up in a nominally left of centre party. You would have thought that an extreme social conservative would, like his erstwhile partner, have been more at home in the Tories. I suppose it must be a tribal thing - being from a working class north of England background, joining Labour would be non-voluntary, like supporting the local football team.


Greg Stephens said...

By my understanding of it, the UK Labour Party had many people join who disagreed with the Conservative party (exp. Thatcher and Major). The same thing happened here with Douglas, Prebble et al. joining Labour due to Muldoon.
It is part of the way FPP work(s/ed).

Greg Stephens said...

Blunkett is also blind, he would have spent a lot of time in the public health sector. He would be committed to public health, but prehaps not the rest of the normal Labour ideals.