Thursday, December 16, 2004

Even odder

The Herald reports that "Dame Ann Hercus, the TVNZ board member accused by National of informing the Government of the new $800,000 pay deal for newsreader Judy Bailey, is understood to have offered her resignation from the board".

Very strange. Normally, a controlling (or even major minority) shareholder will have access to board minutes. This was standard practice in the various private firms that I've been a director of. Also, we had an investor appointed director whose job, in addition to normal fiducary duties, was to report formally and informally to the investor firm. TVNZ is a 100% government owned company, so there are no minority shareholders. As far as I can see the government, as major shareholder can do anything it likes (subject to not breaking the law and not running up debts that cannot be met).

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Jonathan Ah Kit said...

Well, I was at one stage told to avoid taking part in certain actions on a board situation, to avoid being a deemed director if anything bad happened at the said subsidiary.

Apart from any commercial separation of power stuff, perhaps they're just worried they'll get fried in court.